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The term SEO, abbreviated to "Search Engine Optimization," describes the process of optimizing your website to attract traffic through "organic" or "free" search results from search engines such as Google.

On-site SEO

On-Site SEO or On-Page SEO includes all the actions that need to be done within the page,
so that it will go up to the top of the search engines.

SEO Website Analysis

Website Analysis

Initially we analyze your website, research the competition and with specialized tools we choose the keywords or keyphrases on which to build our strategy. Our goal is whenever someone makes a search that includes the terms we’ve targeted, your website is among the first results the search engine will return.

On Page SEO - Content Optimization

Content Optimization

If you have confided the copywriting of your website to us, then your content already meet all specifications. Otherwise, we optimize it. The process involves the reconstruction of texts and titles by incorporating the keywords or keyphrases in the correct proportions and the appropriate points, adding subtitles, links and anchor texts, enriching with photos and multimedia that also include keywords and other details.

On Page SEO - Content Optimization
Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Each website consists of an html code that is not visible to visitors but is recognized by search engines. First of all, the core of the code should be clean and fast. In the optimization process for search engines, we create meta tags, open graph tags, rich snippets, and sitemap, while installing Google's Webmaster Tools and other tools that help us to fine tune the result.

Other important factors that make up your website's ranking are responsive design and speed. For the last one, besides the architecture and the integrity of the page code, a fast server and the usage of CDN (Content Delivery Network) are required. Google also rewards the use of secure protocol (https), even if your site is not an e-shop.

If your website is built by us it already follows all the best practices and our servers meet all specifications (speed, free cdn and https etc.).

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