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The factors that play a role for a profitable professional website are many. And one of the most important is copywriting. An original, well-studied and well-written text is the key to success.


Why should I assign my texts to a copywriter?

Although anyone can write a text, the goal is not simply to add information to your page but to attract the interest of reader, who is always a potential customer, and to be promoted by search engines.

Assigning the texts to an experienced copywriter is necessary to ensure a perfect text with inspiration and "color". Beyond syntax and grammar, a professional text assimilates modern marketing techniques and portrays the advantages of your company.

No one knows your business better than you!

This is a fact, no one can talk better than you about the products and services you offer. However, usually there is no time, patience or knowledge to write the texts you would like for your business.

In collaboration with you, our copywriters record all the information, study and analyze the competition, the needs of your business, its advantages, and then draft the texts in order to stimulate buying audience interest. Even if your products or services are the most reliable, customers will not pay attention if the text does not win them, especially on a website.

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Copywriting and Search Engines

SEO copywriting

It is no coincidence that Google insists on highlighting that "Content Is King". Search engines assess a properly structured content and rank it accordingly. But what does it mean properly structured ?

In addition to grammar, syntax and completeness, a text optimized for search engines (SEO) must meet a number of prerequisites. Before we even begin writing, we identify through specialized tools the keywords that we have to incorporate at the appropriate points and in the right analogy without corrupt the meaning.

The structure of the title, the subtitles, the length of the text, its enrichment with photos and multimedia containing the keywords, links and other details are also taken seriously.

Of course, there are dozens of other technical factors that play a role in ranking (meta tags, well written code, server speed, etc.), but the copy is probably the most important of all.

Content Managment

Even if your website conquers the top in search engines, it takes effort to stay there. Essential prerequisite is continuous feedback with new, original and targeted content.

Our copywriters can take over the content of your site by regularly writing articles about your subject, products, or services. Using carefully selected keywords and taking advantage of the best SEO practices, your website will appear in more and more queries on search engines, constantly attracting new readers and therefore new potential customers.

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